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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Helping small business owners using modern digital tools
  • Location: Kista, Sweden
  • Consulting Accelerator

Per-Erik joined Consulting Accelerator with some experience in Consulting and was looking to start his business with stability and have a predictable way to land clients. He found the training was very helpful for learning how to land your own appointments and would recommend the program to others.


It's . I'm from Stockholm, Sweden. Seven, eight years ago I decided I want to work with a consulting. I've had some experience before in that field and it looks very interesting to me. So I started to research this and started to look for ways of getting going as a consultant. I've spent a lot of time doing various courses and I've done some consulting work, but the problem was that it was never really a stable career. I was very much dependent on and getting jobs from others and I wasn't really able to get the jobs myself. So when I found Sam's consulting accelerator program, I was very interested. And when I was doing it, I really could recognize that he had sort of defined all the barriers, defined all the crucial elements that is needed if you're going to succeed as a consultant. A lot of the things I run across already where I had hunches that it was something in a certain way. Sam could define it then he could back it up with his long successful experience. So this became very stable to me. And now I have a stable foundation to build my business on and this is definitely very, very interesting and I definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to have a career within consulting. This is a fabulous program and you should do it.