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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Caracal, Olt, Romania
  • Consulting Accelerator

Felix is using the consulting accelerator to start planning the launch of his consulting business. He values the consulting community for its ongoing support and is looking forward to starting his business.


Hi, my name is Adrian. I'm based in Lancaster, UK. I bought Sam Ovens consulting training some months ago for me and my company and we are still in the developing process to set up our consulting business. We are actually working to implement Sam Ovens' methods and tactics in a few of our businesses. We own a software developing company. We run a few e-commerce stores and we also sell some digital marketing and SEO services as an agency. As you can see, this training can definitely fit your niche and your market. It doesn't matter what are you planning to do. Right now, we are a few weeks away of launching this, and even though I can't tell you yet how many customers we have or what is our return on investment and other things like that, I can talk about some other things. One of the best things I found here is the great community and Facebook group, which is really awesome. Probably 50% of the information I needed when I had some issues came from the Facebook group. There are some amazing guys in the Facebook group that they constantly provide really good and valuable information about how to get more customers, what are the best tactics to reach your prospects, how to get more leads, and other things like that. I really can't stress enough how much the community helped us in establishing our goals and how to accomplish them. If you don't understand something from the training or you have some doubts, don't hesitate to ask, and there will definitely be someone to give you the right answers. Now about the training that Sam Ovens provides. Well, I can tell you that only a few models of this training probably are worth 10 times the value we paid for the entire course. For example, the Million Dollars Sales Training, which is really the best script I ever saw. Before Sam Ovens, we really bought and tested and watched tens of hours of other training programs about the best tactics and script. I'm sure that I'm not the only one talking about this model, but after you will watch this, you'll have your wow moment, like we all had. Another great model which really helped me personally is the Developing Your Millionaire Mindset model. I cannot explain how cool this is and how it will change your entire way of thinking about your business, and about the value you're providing to your customers. You really need to see this with your own eyes to understand. The last but not the least thing that impressed me a lot is the hard work that Sam Ovens and his team are constantly investing in this community. I expect this new version of his training to be even better than the previous one, and can't wait to get the upgraded version as soon as possible. This is my testimonial. Thank you and have a great day. Good luck.