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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Marketing
  • Location: Seaside, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Seth joined Consulting Accelerator having run a web-agency and was looking for more training to improve his business. After taking a lot of courses, he believes this program was the best he's ever worked with. He highly recommends the program to others looking to grow as a person.


Hi. My name is Seth Morrisey, and I am consultant out of Oregon. I run a marketing agency called Oregon Web Solutions. We've been around about six years, and I've helped a lot of clients really transform their business and bring in more customers, more revenue, and I'm always looking for training for myself and my agency. I stumbled into the consulting training, the Consulting Accelerator specifically, and it really is some top-notch training. I've taken a lot of courses out there, and it really is probably one of the better that I've ever found. I especially liked the mindset training. I'm all about mindset and trying to improve that, and the training in there is so detailed. It lays out a really clear roadmap on how to grow as a person and also serve your clients better, so I really highly recommend this. I can't recommend it enough. Actually, it's probably the best course I've ever taken, and I appreciate all the amazing information. So, if you're looking to grow as a person, definitely check out the Consulting Accelerator. Thanks for watching, guys. Take care.