5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: SEO
  • Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Desmond was searching for the next step in regards to his business endeavours. The program enabled Desmond to step outside of his comfort zone and land multiple clients. He emphasises the importance of the mindset training and recommends the program to anyone.


Okay, my name is Desmond Peronto. I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Little bit about the program here; when I first got in to the program I was wondering what was the next step in business, I had been doing a lot of entrepreneurial things, so this actually gave me an opportunity to step a little bit outside of comfort zone with some assisted help. And since that point in time I've been able to generate a few different clients and I feel much more prepared on going into the meetings than I would have ever without actually gone through the program. But the key thing that I want to actually mention here, I do recommend the program to anyone, but the key that I want to mention is that Sam actually gives a damn and that's something that you don't always see on some of the internet gurus that are out there. They'll present a program to you and once you sign up that's it, if it works for you or doesn't work for you it's a "whatever." Whereas Sam in his videos and the way that he presents things really comes across as giving an "f" about your success. Now we could say that, "Hey, yeah, if his students aren't successful then he's not going to be successful," and that's of course true, so there's that incentive in the background, but it really comes through. The guy wants you to be successful just because he wants to share in some of the success that he's having and think that's very important and it means that any of the upgrades that people are buying in the 2.0 program I think are going to be even better. There's no overlooking the mindset portion of what Sam has done in the initial installments, and I myself am just looking forward to the several hours in 2.0 of the mindset work that he's done. So, yeah, that's just basically what I wanted to say, and keep up the good work there.