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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: sales & marketing
  • Location: Wellingborough, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Shohaib joined the program at a time when he was feeling unsure at his 9-5 job and wanted to increase his income and set more money aside in savings. Since joining he has seen transformation, started his business, and already made $5,000.


Hello, everybody. My name is Shahiv . I'm from London in the UK. I've taken Sam Ovens' consulting accelerator program. Before, to be honest, I was really unsure. I was at a nine-to-five job. What do I have to do to increase my income because I hardly have much in my nine-to-five job. I hardly have anything to save as well, so moving house and all that, completely out of the question. That's why I decided to join this course because I wanted to start a business and something that I'm passionate about. During the course, so much transformation, so much transformation, so much information there that literally guides you through business and even through life as well. The mindset coaching there is zero to none. It really is. This probably is the best out there, and I've taken a few courses. From that, it's the best definitely, and it works. I've got clients. What can I say? After the program, my life's a little better. I'm in more routine. I'm more productive. I'm not lazy anymore. I've taken a as they have. It's really, really been a treat. I definitely recommend this to anyone who's thinking of joining the program. Just don't think. Just do it. $1,500 is nothing compared to the return that you'll be getting in terms of your life and finances.