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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Network Marketers
  • Location: Berkeley, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Kim initially joined the Consulting Accelerator for the mindset training. Since joining, she has learned how to price and overcome her limiting beliefs with her business. She has grown her business well into the 6-figures using Sam's teachings and is helping many of her clients.


Hey there, this is Kim , I'm in Berkeley, California, and I am one of the people that has bought Sam Ovens' program, the accelerator program. When I first came across Sam's program, I think what attracted me the most is all the work he'd done on the mindset. He has a very clever angle on it. It's not just sitting around and talking about affirmations, like I've got a million dollars in the bank when in fact you're $97.00 overdrawn. His work and the work he's done synthesizing how to use your mind to improve how you see where you can go I think was really quite important and in my own business, during the class, I've heard all of it, probably four or five, maybe six times, because a lot of it, you just have to keep reminding yourself ... It's kinda like eating, you can't do it once a day and be done for the year, right? I think that for me, one of the things in my industry is a lot of the people don't make a lot of money. I sort of felt, "Well, maybe, I shouldn't really have a high end program that's like $5,000.00 because so few people will be able to buy it." Once you think about and realize how the value that you give somebody in terms of how it changes their life, that's what gives it value, so how much time it takes you. That's another point he hammered home and I think that really makes a difference for a lot of us who hesitate now and then to charge $5,000.00 which I do now and have almost 100 students in one of my classes that are paying me $49,095.00 for basically an eight week course, and I would not have charged that price had it not been for Sam's course. Just because I figured, "Well, maybe there aren't gonna be enough people," but it turned out there really were. It helps you get rid of assumptions that make you kind of hesitate to do certain things and then you try and it and you go, "We'll see what happens." It's really quite a wonderful thing. I never really tire of listening to anything Sam has to say about anything in the business world or the psychological world, just because he has such a fresh approach and he's so ingenious, really. He himself has kind of come from nothing and is very, very genuine. I never feel hyped, I never feel pushed, and I never feel anything but, "Gee, that's really a good idea. Let me listen to that again." Sam, I take you with me a lot on my runs and I'm delighted that we came across each other and it's really amazing, I'm probably old enough to be your grandma but it's wonderful to learn from someone like you that's really genuinely a giver and a finder outer of things that make us really all do better at helping other people get to better places and to anyone who's listening, I can't recommend Sam really highly enough. Hugs to you, Sam. All right. Talk to you soon. Thanks.