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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Podcasters & Influencers
  • Location: San Francisco, CA, United States
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Sachit has been working with Sam for 4 years and he always had a skill set but never knew how to structure his business. While working with Sam he was able to build a highly profitable business. Sam has an ability to take a concept and break it down to people in a way they can understand.


Hey, I'm Sachit Gupta. I'm the founder of SG Media Labs where I help really some of the top podcasters and authors in the industry grow their audience and get sponsors. This is a quick video to tell you about my experience working with Sam. I've been working with Sam probably for the last four years now at this point. I'm probably one of his oldest students. I really found Sam because I always had the skill of I knew how to do marketing and knew how to help people but I didn't know how to create a business around it. I started working with Sam on really how to do my own marketing, how to get clients, and how to structure my business. Since I've started with him I've really grown my business and learned a lot about not only just marketing and sales but really how to structure a business. Sam's probably one of the best people right now in the industry around that. One of the best things about learning from Sam is Sam has this ability to take a concept and really break it down into its core and then be able to teach it to people. If you're on the fence about learning from him or trying one of his programs I would whole-heartedly recommend it because really, like I said, there's not many people in this industry who have his level of understanding. Thank you and hope you end up joining his program and learning from him. Bye.