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Michael is currently working in digital marketing. He believe that he should be fulltime consulting pretty soon. Before Consulting Accelerator Michael didn't know how to effectively communicate with business owners. He also highly recommends the Facebook group.


Hi there, my name is Michael coming at you from a wobbly iPhone here in Buffalo, New York. And today I just wanted to make this quick video to thank Mr. Sam Ovens, as well as really acknowledge some of the amazing people I've met inside the Consulting Accelerator Facebook group. There's just so many things I'd love to cover, and so many reasons why I would recommend Mr. Sam Ovens and this group. I guess I'll start off by saying that before I got into digital marketing, which I've now made thousands of dollars with, and pretty modestly ... Hopefully pretty soon I should say, very very soon, I should be full time with a laptop business. Which is amazing. I couldn't be happier. So before I got into business, which is probably what you want to hear about. I didn't even know how to think about it. I didn't even know how to communicate necessarily, with business owners. Every way that I thought about business was just wrong. Every way I thought I should I do business was just wrong. Everything that I thought I knew about it was wrong, and there's just so many amazing eye-opening modules and videos inside the course, that correct that vision for you. You'll be able to understand how to go through the process. How to get clients. How to make a good first impression. How to communicate and speak like a language of trust with these people. I couldn't be happier. The Facebook group in itself is an amazing community where there's some really great people in there. So I highly recommend Mr. Sam Ovens and this course. I couldn't oversell you this any more. So I figured the best way to kind of give back is just to give a big thank you, and let you know that it's worked out for me.