4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Social Media
  • Location: Hvidovre, DK, Denmark
  • Consulting Accelerator

Prior to the course the member had many doubts and confused about which direction where he wanted to go.??The member is about 1/3 of the way completed and has his niche and is excited to dive into the rest of the course and get clients


Hi, Chris here, from Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm actually just a third through the course, but I want to share a success story, because before doing the accelerator course, and even starting on it, I had a lot of doubts and confusions as to what area and direction I wanted to go. I had several skills, and I could have chosen several fields. One of the first things that's on the course is really deciding what direction you want to go, and how to go about it. I was really, for a couple days, stuck in this one lesson because I was struggling to decide what I wanted to do. Using the simple recommendations that's on the course, I decided to go a completely different direction. I took a break from the course, got some education in an area I was interested in, and I knew a little bit about, come back, and now I'm continuing again on the course, and the outlook is completely different. My business plans are completely different. Just the way that the course is built up, the step-by-step parts, simplifies my entire business strategy. I've been struggling a lot online, trying to get customers to come into me, and I'm not even at that point, but I can just see the way the whole thing is built up, it's going to be awesome. I'm really happy to do this, and especially because getting this whole set-up the way I want it to be set up is going to allow me to have more time with my kids. It's going to allow me to create more income with less effort, but still be able to deliver a product and a value to anybody who comes to me as a consultant. So thank you very much, I'm very appreciative, and when I got to the point where I have numbers and percentages for you, you'll be hearing back from me again. Thank you.