5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Facebook Ads for Chiropractors
  • Location: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Justin has found Consulting Accelerator to be very helpful in identifying problems inside businesses and position yourself as an expert in your field. He has been able to become laser focused, and has improved his mindset a ton. He dubs Consulting Accelerator an ""amazing course."" "


Hey there. My name's Justin Bronex from Richmond, BC, Canada. I'm just here to talk about Sam's program and how it's helped me. Mainly, it's helped me in the consulting space by showing me how to get in and dissect the problems of a business, and really show them how I can help, and get into their actual problems and sell them the solution, which is, I think, massive. Because most of the time, we're pushing SEO, and we're pushing all the geek speak, and these business just wanna know, can you bring the paying customers? Can you grow their business? And that's it. So when you learn, really, how he positions himself and learn how to teach you to position yourself, things get a lot easier. His mindset training is second to none. Shows you how to visualize. Shows you how to set yourself up for success. That, out of the whole course, that helped me the most, really getting my mindset on track so I could be laser focused on where I wanna go. From picking niches and things like that, he's done a great job. This course is, it's helped me immensely. There's a lot of stuff showing you how to do SEO and do digital marketing. This literally shows you how to grow any business. No matter what business you're in or what niche you're in currently, it shows you how to help everybody. So it's an amazing course, and I hope to see you in the Facebook group. Thanks.