5 Rating:
  • Level: 7 Figures
  • Niche: Ecommerce
  • Location: Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jason has been involved with Accelerator for about 1 year. He currently is involved in digital marketing. The information was really informative. Jason really enjoyed the section about acquiring clients and mindset. He now see life from different lenses now. His business is growing and he can bring in up to 1 million dollars a year.


Hi, my name is Jason Pickleman. I'm from Auckland, New Zealand. I've been involved in Sam Ovens coaching program for about a year now. I've had quite a bit of experience in digital marketing industry. I've been involved in media agencies for the last eight or nine years. I've been wanting to start my own business within digital marketing, but also wanted to find a way to work with specific types of clients that I found the most interesting and would also create the lifestyle that I was wanting to enjoy. One day I saw Sam's Facebook video in my newsfeed. I wanted to find about more about Sam. I listened to his video, seemed legit. Found out that he was from New Zealand, which so am I. In fact he only lived about 10 minutes away from me, but he was also working in the same industry and same market as I was. Seemed like he had succeeded quite well and I wanted to find out more about what he had done. He was obviously doing things slightly different to what I was. I jumped on board the program, found it very interesting. Lots of informative information. The two things that really peeked my interest was around how to acquire clients in an effective way and also mindset. I'm currently focusing on acquiring clients, but only large clients where we have in the past worked on with hundreds of small clients, but now I only mainly work on very large clients to have a small handful of clients that I can actually deliver high value to. From a mindset point of view, Sam's course has really helped me change the way I look at life and in the way I look at doing this business. After working in media agencies you kind of get conditioned to do things in a certain way. I had to kind of undo what I had learnt. Sam's course has been very, very helpful in doing that. My business is growing. I'm working with a small handful of clients. These clients spend between 100K and two million dollars a year in media advertising with me. We also on board with retainers as well. I would totally recommend jumping on board Sam's program. The rewards completely outweigh the price of the program. it will completely change your life, but you do need to take action. The more action you take, the more you do, the more you learn along the way, the more you adjust, the better you will see in results. Thanks Sam. Great course. Hopefully be talking to you again in another year from now being in a different situation. Thank you.