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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Jerrick knew nothing about running an online business. He learned a lot about running his own online business going through each week in the Consulting Accelerator.


Hi, I took the course myself and I want to share the results and I know there's a lot of people who saw Sam's ad and they wanted an honest review and, for myself, I have my own following of marketers, freelancers, writers of all kinds and I know that they'd appreciate my review too. When I was searching online, I didn't see too many out there that was honest, I didn't see any that was ... That found the middle ground of what a review should be, so I wanted to fill that gap. Before the course, I didn't know anything about running an online business but during the course, I experienced the Consulting Accelerator, which is essentially a six week program that takes your business within six or seven weeks of implementation strategies on how you can approach your business and it's guaranteed ... Not guaranteed but you have all the resources and what you need to leverage yourself to six or seven figures, to build your business that much and you are definitely going to get a client within your first 42 days. The information is available online 24/7 in both video and PDF format so you can access it anytime you'd like during the day. For myself, I work a 9 to 5 job and I'm able to fit into my schedule the amount of time needed to focus on studying the content and what the content is really focused on within the six week time is a step-by-step systematic method of running an online business and to turn it into a six figure or seven figure kind of business. Week one is mastering your niche, and that's basically making sure that your niche, whatever you find that you're passionate about, is something that can be turned into a profit, and so week one is really focused on strategically finding whatever that niche is and how you can make the most revenue out of it. Week two is mastering the consultation and consultation is so important because this is partially an idea that we call prospecting. You have to prospect your client in a very strategic way, so that up to 25% of whoever you are trying to consult with will turn into buying customers. Week three is getting your clients in a very fast and easy approach and it gives three, in particular, week three there's three very strategic approaches to organically build your client base so that you can get more customers in a quicker amount of time. Week four is setting up an appointment automation system. So this is essentially ... It's part of the trainings method of saying how you can train yourself to set appointments, step-by-step, so you never miss an appointment and that you are able to reach all of your clients in a timely and a professional way. Week five is creating successful Facebook campaigns, so once you have the list of clients who are just begging to take advantage of your online service or business or whatever it is, then this is where this online Facebook campaign can really come into play in order to turn your clients into buying customers. Week six is just scaling your business to a six figure business. Now that you have everything you need, week six is basically putting everything into practice and making sure that you can become successful in your own online business, whether it's consulting with others or making a profit for something that you're truly passionate about.