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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: North Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Julia was feeling trapped. She has gotten way more out of the program than she could have ever imagined and is motivated to hit her goals and make it to New York to meet with Sam as she grows her profitable consulting business.


Hey Sam and team, my name is Julia , from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all the effort, the experience, and the heart that you put into this program. You said that the 2.0 is your life's work. Well, it's already evident in the original consulting accelerator that your heart is in this program. The amount of value and wisdom you share is priceless. I've experienced exponential growth and I'm already someone who's been working on myself for many years now. I can only imagine how much this will help others who need the encouragement to believe in themselves, and to dream big, really big; and have all the tools that they need to get there. Perhaps this is not the most usual video review that you might get, because I don't have hundreds and thousands of to back up how great your program is. Although, I joined in March and it's April now. Within the few weeks, I've been really chugging along. I have strategy sessions lined up, and I have some clients who've signed up with me. However, my results are in what you call it, and I stress that the most, which is mindset. I'm a single mother of two young kids, ages eight and five. I went into debt to purchase this program. I had children fairly young, and I was a homemaker for a number of years. Five years ago, I left a abusive relationship without much money, career, nor family to rely on, with two babies. For almost five years, I have been trading time for money in low pay jobs, despite the fact that I'm educated. I was limited by when I could work and how much time I had. The last five years I spent working in sales, spending my precious time that I could have dedicated more to my kids. While I was making other corporations rich, while I allowed them to pay me peanuts, and while I allowed them to give me no flexibility that I needed for my family. I truly felt trapped. What this program did for me was it opened up my eyes to the potential I could have never dreamed of. I originally signed up to the program to learn to gain more clients for my sales role, but what happened in the few weeks was exponential. It really transformed me. It took me to a place where I was ready to go after the path I never gave myself the permission to do so. I am redesigning my life. I'm transitioning to work as a marketing consultant, to make my own schedule, to have complete control over my income. While I build my personal brand and finish the book I started writing years ago, I am so excited to be applying everything I learned from your course. More than anything, besides all the techniques, what makes this program truly unique and the gem that it is, it's your transformation, Sam. You make it possible for everybody; and you did it in just four short years. That's inspirational. What your program gives your students is freedom. In order to get freedom, we must first claim it. That is what you allowed me to achieve. Thanks for all the work that you put in. I promise you that I'm on my math to achieving the results, to meet you in person one day in New York.