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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Springville , PA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Matt joined the program and is finding everything easy to use. He is working on actively growing his business, doing sales calls, and is confident with the tools he has been given through Consulting Accelerator.


Hi, my name is Matt Voda and I am from Pennsylvania, United States of America. I'm going to be going over how life was like before, during and after the Consulting Accelerator Program by Sam Ovens. So before, ever since I was a kid, I liked business. I still am a kid, I'm sixteen and this program is working for me. So, that should speak to the younger crowd that this is a viable program for young people. In first grade I was selling candy to the other kids, so I've been in business pretty much all my life and I'm the first one in the family to be doing that. So, during the Consulting Accelerator, it was pretty easy to use and I liked it. I'll be straight up, there are some parts where you're going to need money and speaking for a younger crowd, that can be hard so go with the organic solutions that he describes in week four I think, something like that. For the most part, it is a very good course and I would recommend it. So after, there is no after, I haven't finished it yet. I've been getting very well for example, this is my business card. I have a real website and I'm within a week or two of recording this video, I will have a client. I've got three calls lined up for right after this video. I know how to do it thanks to this consulting accelerator. Keep it short, to wrap it up, I enjoy this accelerator. It's a very good program and I have to be honest, in the beginning, like anything you find on the internet, it looks like a scam but it's not. It's a very well thought out, well made course that really teaches you how to excel at consulting. So, thanks for watching, I'm Matt Voda, I'll see you next time.