5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Business Owners
  • Location: Telina, Queensland, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Life before joining the program was somewhat unclear for Anton. While taking the course he gained a lot of clarity. It was an eye opener for him to see exactly how business is conducted. Since finishing the program, Anton has gained and retained a lot of clients and has profited over 20k so far.


Hi, my name's Anton Guinea. I'm coming to you from Queensland, Australia, and this is a quick shout-out to Sam to say thank you, very much, for all the work that he's done on his consulting program. Life before joining the consulting program was interesting. It was a little bit unclear, I guess. What Sam's program really has done is given us some clarity. I guess during the program ... So, life during the program was really interesting because it was such an eye opener, to really understand, oh, I guess, the way that business consulting could be done and should be done. So, to actually get those learnings and those real eye-openers along the way was fantastic as we went through that journey of learning, I guess. Since the program, it's all been about application and how we can actually take all of those learnings and apply them in our business. So, we do business consulting of course, and it's been great to actually understand the whole marketing and then the lead-gen and then the selling. So, since the program, we've become fairly confident salespeople here at and, I guess, that has led us into sort of the client retention. So, the model and process of that now, we not only get clients but we actually manage to keep them and really do good work for them. So, would we recommend this program for others? Absolutely. Massive recommendation. There's so much work going into it and there's so much information into it, and look, just, if you ever get the opportunity to work with Sam and work on this program, don't miss it. Good luck to everyone out there. Signing off from Queensland, Australia.