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5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Business Opportunity
  • Location: Baldwin, NY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Since joining the Consulting Accelerator Thomas has been able to increase his clientele base in his consulting business. He truly recommends this to anybody who is looking to build their business.


Hey, this is Thomas Fisher from New York. I wanted to leave this testimonial here about Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator program. This is a fantastic course. At the beginning I was diving in, I was learning a lot of great information. I took my time, I went through each week very carefully, and I actually revisited some lessons and what have you, to make sure that I understand it really well. When I started to implement it, it worked fantastically. I started to get results, pretty much right away. There's many things in the course that are going to teach you how to get results right away through paid advertising, but also through ways that you can generate free advertising, in a sense. This is during the process, and I Just really started to grow my client base, and it's really been fantastic. Now, after the fact, I've been able to go from roughly about 17 to 20,000 dollars a month, and I'm getting it upwards to about 40,000 a month now. It's just a couple of weeks in here, so we're going to really going to start the climb, of course. There's always scaling, there's leverage, there's a lot of power in this course. It shows you how you can really scale up your business, and really grow it to as large as you like. I really would truly recommend this to anyone that's really serious about building their business. If you really want to make a full time living online as a consultant, as a coach, as a trainer, or anything like this, Sam's course is going to show you how to do this, and it's going to show you step by step. Every single little thing, there's no stone left unturned. You'll be able to learn just about everything you have to, and it's going to give you the clear path to be able to really achieve your goals and dreams. So, I invite you to take the course and get involved, and make it a great day.