5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: SMEs
  • Location: Crossgar, County Down, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Nicola was looking to get in Consulting to spend more time with her children. The consulting accelerator provided her with the clarity that she needed after feeling overwhelmed from all of online ""gurus"" out there. Her business is now up and running and she is helping her clients solve their problems. "


Hi. My name is Nicola Michael, and I'm in Northern Ireland. I purchased Sam's Program, the Consulting Accelerator Program, a while back after watching one of Sam's webinars on Facebook. At the time, I was thinking about starting up my own consulting business. I had just had a second baby and I was on maternity leave but it wasn't going to be possible for me to go back to my corporate role as a Business Consultant for Danske Bank because of the amount of traveling that was involved. It was just going to be too difficult for me with two children, so I purchased Sam's Program and I really was very pleasantly surprised. Not only did the program provide me with the clarity and the direction that I needed, because I was feeling very overwhelmed at the time by all the information. I was doing my own research online, I was following different coaches and mentors online and also doing different courses and digital marketing and social media. I really did feel completely overwhelmed, so Sam's Program came about just at the right time to provide me with that, with the direction that I needed and the focus. Also, the Mindset Training, I really found invaluable. That was a part of the Program, I really wasn't expecting that. Being part of the consulting community, the Facebook group, and just reading the different comments, and getting the support of people that are on the same journey as me and facing and dealing with the same fears, I also find this just so invaluable. I enjoy being a part of it and reading up on it everyday. My business is now up and running and I have just started working with my first few clients. I really can say it's thank you to this Program because I know if I hadn't taken it, I would be back in my nine to five or looking to find another job right now. So I would just like to say thank you. I really enjoy being part of this family and part of this community. I'm excited to see where I can go with my business in the future. Thank you.