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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: SEO
  • Location: Arnhem, Nederland, Netherlands
  • Consulting Accelerator

"We challenged Maurice to get to the 6-figure mark when he started with us. Now he's right at the cusp! He sent us this quick video about his progress and how he went from a ""financial crisis"" to a successful SEO business. "


Sam and support, my name is from the Netherlands. I must say that I'm very privileged to be part of your group, your Facebook group, but also to have you, Sam, as my personal coach and mentor because before I got introduced to your program I was already an entrepreneur for a couple of years, but instead of making me a lot of money, it rather got me in some kind of a financial crisis, to be honest. Because of your program, and mainly because of the million dollar sales training and the mindset part, that's a killer combination right there, I'm getting very close to six figures in a year now. I'm just getting started, like I got my goals set and I'm on fire. So, yeah, let's hustle. But I got to keep it short, like you asked. I'm getting close to six figures right now, and I'm very curious if you can surpass the upgraded version because the version before was already perfection right there. So, if I'm going to crack the six figures, like you told me to do, I'm going to send you a message and then I'm going to book tickets to New York and I'm going to take some typical Dutch creeds with me. So, until the next time, and I hope to see you soon. Thank you very much, and I'm looking forward for the upgrade.