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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Lead Referrals
  • Location: Washington, DC, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Chukwuemeka was growing his own business when he joined the program. He was looking to reach his potential and was looking for assistance. Just half way through the program he had enough skills to increase his income. He recommends the program for those looking to get tremendous value.


Hello, my name is from Bakersfield, California and ironically my hoodie says Bakersfield College in sign language. So before I was in Sam Ovens' course I essentially was an entrepreneur. I had my own business growing. I was helping four or five clients get their online marketing essentially taken care of and I had my own income going in. The only thing was that I didn't reach my potential when I was doing it on my own and I realized that I may need some help in order to get there. So when I saw Sam Ovens, I saw him through an email and I watched one of his webinars, I knew very well that this guy knew what he was talking about. Now when he was going through the webinar, he started mentioning the Chrysler 2000, I didn't know whether or not the $2000 would be worth the investment. However, seeing that I wasn't reaching my potential and this guy could obviously help me get there, I invested. Now going through the course, I only went through halfway through the course. After halfway through the course, I had enough ammunition in order to ratchet up my income and that says something when you're able to go to halfway and you're able to ratchet up your income. So I did it, it was nice. There were two gems, like a few gems that I got from there and I liberally applied them and in, what, four to five months I got one of the biggest clients I've ever had destroy my previous income. It obliterated it. So if I'm able to go halfway and get that much ammunition, then imagine if I went through the whole course, how much value there is in that. So for those of you that really want to possibly get the value, you probably should invest in the course. Someone who has obviously trained multiple people to get success and get the same success yourself. So if you ask me, "Is the course worth it?" I would say definitely. You can keep the $2000 so it's worth it and I'm sure that the same thing would be for you. This is for those that want to ratchet up their income and explode it and see themselves get close to their potential. So if you're there, I hope to see you on the other side after you invest and go all in and get the training. It's worth it.