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  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Stuart, FL, United States
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Gail believes that Sam's sales, mindset, and Facebook training was very helpful. He recommends those who go through the program follow Sam's exact instructions and if they follow what Sam says, they will find success.


Hi, I'm Gale , and I'm from South Florida. And I'm retired. And because of being retired, I have a lot of time on my hands. I have bought, in the past, a lot of courses or programs that and have gone through them and cherry picked many things out of them to fit my business or my life. And Sam's was no different. I bought his course back in July of last year. And did the same thing; cherry picked three items out of it, as far as I'm concerned are the best items. I'm sure that there are other ones too, and I probably will find nuggets in there, as well. But the three items I want to mention today are his sales training, his mindset training, and his Facebook ads training. And I know mindset training seems a little ironic to you, but it's something that had I paid attention to more and actually done according to Sam's mantra of absorbing it, and mastering it, and keep going back to it, and absorbing it, and mastering it, then I probably would have been more successful at the course in and of itself. Which obviously, I wasn't. His sales training is far and above anything that's out there, as far as I'm concerned, for trying to convert effectively a prospect into a customer, or to a client. And then, the Facebook ads training is far and above what I've seen out there for any paid Facebook courses on ads. I've bought many of those, and they just failed completely. In the first 2 or 3 videos that Sam provides in his Facebook ads training, of 15 videos, I have learned so many nuggets that are going to keep me out of trouble with the Facebook people, in general, and the people who approve ads, and so on. So, I'm grateful for that. And I will go forth with this guide as a ... To me, a complete guide for running success ad campaigns on Facebook. As far as ... Wanting to recommend this to anybody else, I don't have a really big, successful business like a lot of people are probably looking for out there, as far as what Sam's course would make them. But if you follow him and follow through his material the way he says to follow through it rather than what I did, cherry pick it, then you will probably be a success at it.