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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Advertising
  • Location: Granville, OH, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Cole got started on the program, he was stuck in getting his offer right, his ideal client narrowed, and figuring out what to say and how to say it. After joining, those problems got fixed within the first few weeks and he is now getting clients and making sales.


Hey guys, my name is Cole Gordon and I just want to give a brief testimony about Sam Oven's Consulting Accelerator Program. Before I was in the program, I was just starting out in business, especially online business, and I was a little bit all over the place. I didn't know exactly what I needed to do. I kind of hit a plateau, and I just didn't have that clarity on how to move forward, so I took this program and just so quickly realized I was doing so many fundamental things wrong in business. I didn't even know who my ideal client avatar was. I couldn't package my offer right. I didn't know how to refine down my message, so just within the first week, I nailed all of that and I was already way ahead than how I had been doing before. There's the fundamentals that Sam teaches in the program that are huge, whether you are in consulting or just business in general, and then another thing is the mindset he does. I've read a lot of books, I've done other programs and I can honestly say 100%, Sam's mindset work is the best I've ever done. I still do it to this day, and to be completely honest, I think that is worth taking the program alone. If you're thinking about taking Sam's program, if you're a consultant or if you're in business in general because what Sam teaches is a lot of it's so fundamental that I think it applies to businesses, even if you're not a consultant. If you're thinking about taking the program, I highly, highly recommend it.