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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Meet James. Just last year, he was stuck in a corporate banking job...on a hamster wheel basically. He knew that working hard in a job where he would only get max 5-10% salary increases per year was illogical. His friend Alex Becker recommended he check out Sam and Consulting Accelerator. What happened next was pretty amazing! Now he regularly lands 5-figure consulting contracts with clients around the world in Dubai, USA, and across Europe. Watch him explain how he did it.


Hello everyone. My name is James . I'm from , UK and this is my journey through the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator program. Start things off, I'm currently 24, but last year before I joined I was working in Bank of America as a sale rep in the credit card division. It was exciting 'cause it was my first job, but it wasn't really for me as the prospect of working five years just to get 10% increase in salary was illogical. So I quickly looked for alternatives during my spare time. I was introduced to Sam Ovens' course through Alex Becker. Love you man, thank you for everything. I was studying SCO and Facebook ads at the time, but I always struggled in getting clients. When I entered a webinar of Sam Ovens' course, introduced how to get high-end clients through a very simple system, becoming a specialist and selling solutions that help them save money or make money. That struck with me completely because I was always struggling with the process, but Sam had a way and I believed him. I took whatever money I had, $1000 at the time, I had to take the monthly route, but the moment I got in I was extremely excited and found the first week everything was just laid out perfectly from setting the foundations of your business all the way to closing your client, which was the most effective and the hardest part for me to succeed on. After that I regularly close five figure deals with clients all over the world, Tubuai, Philippines, United States regularly and all across all sectors so it's incredible. It's so good even that I even had to recommend the course to some of my clients that were in business services as the way they did business was very similar to how Sam Oven would of done it, but he did his best. So all I can say is thank you Sam Ovens, and it's been a great journey. Thank you so much.