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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: SEO For Local Businesses
  • Location: Rochestown, Ireland
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Steve was an SEO consultant and had his own program. He was looking for new insights to bring to his business and in just 8 weeks after going through the program he is very happy with the information he got and is now ready to implement.


Hi there, it's Steve Dean here. I just wanted to do a quick testimonial for Sam's program, the Consulting Accelerator. So I joined Consulting Accelerator eight weeks ago and overall it's been a phenomenal experience. So what I do myself is I'm an SEO consultant, but I also run a SEO program for web developers, so I teach them how to start and scale their own SEO business. And what I really wanted to get out of the course was to get some new ideas to both bring into my own SEO consulting business, but to also bring into my SEO program for the web developers. So obviously Sam is a proven expert in both digital marketing and in consulting. So it was the ideal program for me. I definitely got a huge amount of information out of it. I loved his client attraction stuff, his sales script looks really, really good. I'm looking forward to trying all that stuff out. I actually skipped the Facebook part because I'm not doing Facebook ads myself at the moment, I use a lot of Google ads, but I'm certain the sales script is gonna be excellent when I get clients on the phone. So I'm looking forward to trying that out. Overall I had a very positive experience. What I really liked as well is Sam gives you a box set of all the notes so that's something you don't get in a lot of online courses, but Sam has gone to the trouble of transcribing every single video and putting that into a book. And it's really good then, you can read through it and you can actually take notes and obviously underline and highlight stuff. So I like learning by reading and you know sometimes I find videos, you know, you can get a bit of overload from that. But certainly being able to read through parts of it was excellent. And obviously the community as well. There's like over 10,000 people in his Facebook group for members and they're all really supportive and helpful. And it's quite inspiring chatting to those guys as well and seeing where they've taken their business. So yeah, overall very positive experience. I would highly recommend it to somebody else if you are looking to start a consulting business. And I hope to see you on the inside. Okay. See you guys. Hope that was helpful. Bye.