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5 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: I help digital marketing agencies get AdWords performance on the Google Premier Partner Plus level by Auditing, Monitoring, Reporting, and Coaching
  • Location: Springfield, Missouri, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

After recently getting let go from his job, Ryan has been able to take control of his own destiny and start landing paying clients.


Hey, guys! It's Ryan Baker from Springfield, Missouri. Not too long ago, I was working at a job that I loved, but I was undervalued and underpaid and I knew I wanted to try consulting. Two weeks ago I got fired and it rocked my world, so that same day I went and I signed up for the Consulting Accelerator course. It's been two weeks and I have my first paid client, $2,000 a month with enough bonuses to easily be $7,000 a month in three months. I have no doubt that at the end of three months, I will have easily doubled what I was making at my previous job, and in one year's time, easily making ten times what I was making before, and on my own terms. Loving it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that is willing to work hard, do the work, and put together a plan. The mindset section, especially, is revolutionary. It can change your life in way more ways than just being able to do the work that you love and make more money. Definitely take this course, definitely do the work, and definitely get the results.