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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Marketing
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Matt joined Consulting Accelerator working as a full-time firefighter. He was looking for knowledge on how to start his own business and land his first client. He mentions he learned a lot more than he ever expected form a 6 week program and has already started generating sales calls and landed his first paying client entering his 6th week.


Hi, how you going? My name is Matthew Parker, I'm from Melbourne Australia. Before joining Sam's course, I've worked as a full-time fire fighter. I've done that for the last eight years, in conjunction, I've also done an NBA and I've just finished that. I started Sam's course, wanting to have and build knowledge on how to start my own business with the end goal of having my own business and acquiring my first customer. During Sam's course, I learned a lot, a lot more than what I expected out of a six week course. He really teaches you how to find a niche and how to upscale from six to seven figures onwards. I would highly recommend Sam's course. Since completing the course, or I'm in the final week now, I've just got my first client, and I've got sales calls coming in. So the dream of starting my own business has become a reality. I highly recommend Sam's course to anyone that wants to further improve their life, or self development, or start their own business. I couldn't speak more highly of the course itself. It's jam packed, six weeks and it will transform your life.