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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Facebook Marketing
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Jun was working with 2 clients and feeling nervous about putting herself into the marketplace. After the program and six months later she has landed 20 clients and has made $120,000 as she continues to scale.


Hey, everybody. I just wanted to shoot this quick video about my experience with the consulting program. I started about six months ago, and at the time I only had two clients, and I was really nervous about putting myself and my business out there into the marketplace. I have to say right off the bat, when I started the program, I gained so much knowledge, and so much insight about myself, and how I should be running my business. Now fast forward six months later, I have 20 clients and about five more on the way, so I just wanted to say thank you so much, Sam, and the consulting team. You really changed my life. Thanks, guys.