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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Digital Marketing & Sales
  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jimmy has worked through the program to open his eyes to consulting and start making positive changes in his life.


Hello. My name is Jimmy and I'm from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Before joining this program, I was in actually one of the worst time of my life. That was the time when I was addicted to substance and my girlfriend at the time left me and I just lost a job that I really loved at the time. Life was going nowhere. I decided to, what the hell, check out this program and I joined the consulting program. Definitely Sam really opened my eyes to the world of consulting. I'm not gonna lie. When I joined last year in September 2016, I was still in a huge transition phase, so I wasn't even sure what I could do to be a consultant. I was going through the program and I struggled. I struggled when I was trying to find the problems and desires and my niche. Even when I knew about the problem and how to fix it, I didn't know how I could provide that value to the potential client without having to just work a job for them as an employee. Anyways, it took a lot of personal development after that. Obviously the process was long and I definitely didn't give up. I always came back to the program when I started finding out more of what I can do. Little bit about what I do is that before all this I've been in the automotive industry for over four years. I know everything about fixing a cars, recommending car service to people, and essentially know what needs to be done on a car. Down the road, I was like, "Hey. What can I do to provide values to these mechanic shop owners?" I essentially started learning about the internet space, learning about Facebook marketing, or essentially learning digital marketing down the road, and essentially learning a bit about web development . Anyways, the process was long. I didn't give up. I always came back. I'm still learning every day. I'm not gonna lie. I have not completed the entire program yet. I've completed about three and a half weeks so far. All I can say is Sam definitely opened my eyes to the world of consulting and being able to start my own business. The good news is that recently I managed to start a digital marketing company with a team of five people including me. I have two mentors in here. I have two mentors in this company that's guiding me through what we can do. I also have a big brother company that's also carrying us. Essentially my position in the company is doing sales and client acquisitions. Essentially we specialize in Chinese media marketing and we also help affluent Chinese families. Other than that, I myself, because of my niche in automotive industry, I'm starting to help automotive shop do rebranding and do Facebook marketing or digital marketing, et cetera. If I have to do all that stuff, I always leverage it to my marketing director of my company. Anyways, I'm happy to record this. Yeah. I would recommend this program to others. Thank you, Sam Ovens.