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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Annerley, Queensland, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Member just joined the course to help with acquiring new clients and she has already been a consultant for years. Her goal is to branch off on her own and wants to the focus and double down on her skills.


Hey Sam and Sam's team. My name's Jennifer Bishop. I'm sending you a message from Brisbane, Australia. Beautiful autumn afternoon here. This testimonial is more of an introduction because I've just signed up to your accelerator just a week ago. I got your webinar on line and signed up straightaway. This is, yeah, I guess a bit more about me. I can shoot another testimonial after the six weeks, hopefully with some great outcomes. The reason I was attracted to your program is I've been consulting for about a year to companies with a goal of helping corporates and small businesses give back to the non-profit sector. It's a social enterprise model, helping create social good between corporates and non-profits with the benefit to the company that they create positive PR. We're a bit of a digital marketing company as well, helping them share their good stories and therefor attract some new customers and also engage their current clients and create some buzz around what they're doing. Our business model has been, or our sales funnel has been, really around doing market, corporate events, signing people up through networking word of mouth. I'm really attracted to your model of acquiring new clients and really assessing their needs, but I think this is my first go at consulting and some of the stuff that you say around really addressing pain points and stuff is something I can really learn. I think I've come to this with a good idea. I want to help non-profits, but getting to the pointy end of being profitable. Helping companies be profitable, obviously, is our game. I have a non-profit background, so I think learning about just money and being bold in the space is a big learning curve for me. I've been, over the last probably six months, really trying to skill myself in that space. I've been reading some great books. One book that I've just, I think I've read like five times now, is Millionaire Mindset by Harv T. Eker. Something that he says is, "Just changing the blueprint around your mentality about money and understanding deep set fears, because the more money you can attract, the more you can give." That's something that really motivates me is to see great impact and to see a great flow of funds into the community where the needs are. It's just funny, because I was walking along and I picked up 10 dollars that was just lying on the ground. Something that Harv says is even if you just pick up a penny or a dollar someone's dropped and you go, "Money comes to me," that's my mentality. Yeah. I guess basically I'm really ready to grow in this space. I'm really ready to scale up, even if it means pivoting and changing our business model for a while, becoming perhaps a more for profit model with digital marketing. I look forward to the learnings that lie ahead. Thank you very much.