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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Thurgoona , NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting the course, Grace was looking for a location-neutral way to generate income. Inside the course, she had all of her questions answered and has been able to start landing paying clients.


Hey, everyone. It's Grace Edwards here from Brisbane, Australia. I just wanted to make a quick testimonial video about Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator course. Now before I started the course, I was looking for a way to become self-employed and really find something that would be able to give me a location neutral income because I absolutely love traveling the world. I tried to do this on my own more than once and fell flat on my face, so when I found Sam's course, I felt like I just struck a gold mine. Now going in, I had a lot of questions, but the one thing that really stuck out to me about the course is that without a doubt, every single question I had through the whole process was answered, so I thought, "This won't work for me. I don't have any experience." Sam debunked that right at the start. I thought, "This isn't going to give me everything that I need to get my first high-ticket client." That was debunked as well, and every single question that I've had, I've gone away with all the answers. I truly do believe that if you put in the work, that you will get the results. I signed up to the Consulting Accelerator about 35 days ago, and just yesterday I landed my first high-ticket client. I am so stoked. I'm super excited and I cannot wait to see what the future holds, and I owe it all to what Sam has taught me and I'm so grateful for that. I would 100% recommend this course to anybody that is looking to become self-employed, looking to get the freedom that they want to be able to travel, someone that is already a consultant but is struggling. Wherever you are in your journey with consulting or coaching, this program will help you. I have no doubt about it. You just have to do the work and actually put into practice what Sam tells us. Thank you, Sam, thank you to the team, and I am so stoked and so excited for what the future holds. Thanks again, guys.