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  • Level: 7 Figures
  • Niche: Marketing & Software
  • Location: Florida, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Dan’s company had scaled but it was chaotic and out of control. Dan believed that more = more. I taught him that less = more. Dan started doing less. The result? He started making more. $500,000 /month more.


Hello everyone. My name is and I'm from Florida. And I wanna just take a moment to tell you guys about my experience with the Sam Ovens project, or his program. I actually started this several months ago and I'm still in the middle of it, but I can tell already having heard the kind on information that Sam Ovens provides not only for the sales techniques to sell online for digital marketing for consulting purposes, it's something unlike I've ever heard or experienced in the past. And going through the program I could tell that his experience in not only doing Google marketing, Facebook marketing, as well as the whole technique that he has on sales marketing, and the whole mindset that one has to have to do their sales, whatever type of sales that is, is really something unique and profound in terms of the approach he has. And not only does he tell you how to sell and how sales should be done along with the mindset, but also tells you what kind of ... how you should actually speak to your potential customers with a sales speech. And everything just compounded in terms of techniques, how you should go about doing it, what kind of space you should provide when making such calls during your strategy sessions. All those kinds of things are very unlike things I've ever heard in the past. And I could tell that this guy really has done something correctly. And he's very successful not only because of what he's done for himself, but also the type of success he's provided to all of his other clients, some that are into the seven figures. And I'm really looking forward to learning all the different techniques that are available and that he teaches in his programs to take myself to the next level. And I've learned a lot so far. It's actually adjusted the way I think about business in general and how I operate my current consulting business. So I know that this guy is the real deal. And even though I was a bit apprehensive when I first signed up for his program, probably like most of you guys that have signed up for a lot of other programs in the past but discovered that they didn't provide the kind of result that you wanted, the actual items that would give you the results that you were promised when you first signed up for the program. But in Sam Ovens' program, the Consulting Accelerator program is really unlike anything else and I would highly, highly recommend it. And I think that anyone that does this program will benefit from it not only in the consulting program that they choose to do that Sam Ovens teaches here, but also pretty much across life and all the other business ventures that you end up going into because of the sort of fundamental shift in your viewpoint and thinking that does provide from his courses and training, which constantly is improving. And not to mention the whole community he has within Facebook that people really support one another, really help each other when they're having a tough time or having issues that they need help with. And not to mention also congratulatory efforts and kind of high fives, if you will, online to kinda really encourage each other to kinda just go forward, go to the next level. So, like I said, everything and anything I've heard so far and the experience that I've had so far and looking forward to a lot more great experiences, but Sam Ovens really is something I would highly recommend his program for helping anyone in any sort of business. So I wish you all the best and see you on the other side. Thanks.