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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Bavaria / Noerdlingen, Germany
  • Consulting Accelerator

Markus joined the program and got his very first client in digital marketing as a direct result! He not only has totally changed his financial life with mindset training in our program, but used it to achieve a personal goal he had in mind for a long time - coming to America from Germany to run the New York City Marathon!


Hey guys. My name is Marcus Bush. I'm here in Nördlingen in Germany, a very small historical town. My experience with consulting accelerator is that I was a bit stuck in life before I came to it. I didn't have a bad life, but I also didn't have a really good life. Sam at first showed me in the course how important mindset is, because mindset it the key. It was the turning point for me for everything. I finally start my first business, because the second and maybe most important thing of the course is that it's a blue print and a short cut for your own business if you want to do that. If you put in the work, everybody can do it. I truly believe that. Finally, now I am ready to go. I'm starting my first business right now. The first clients are already in the pipeline, signed up. Everybody can do that too. Sorry for lights. I wanted to quickly show you. This is my first little office where I am working right now. I got another thing for you about mindset. I had a big dream. I always wanted to run a marathon, especially the New York City Marathon. With the right mindset, I have finally last November made it, and ran the New York City Marathon successfully. I truly believe this was only possible with the right mindset. What I want to tell you with that is believe in the mindset and everything will become possible in life for you. You can achieve anything you want, not only in business. This program is for business and for mindset. Never forget the mindset. See you in the course and in the community. Bye. Thanks.