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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Marina Del Rey, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jason was struggling to grow his business. He joined Consulting Accelerator and immediately saw results right away. In just 2 weeks after finishing the program he was able to see big results and believes this program is worth investing in for yourself and your business.


Hi. This is Jason Stell from Los Angeles, California. Just wanted to give you a quick and honest review of the Coaching Accelerator Program presented by Sam Ovens. Before I took the program, I was a consultant who really wasn't growing. I wasn't doing any prospecting. I decided that I really wanted to grown and prospect, and obviously make more money. I reached out there. Researched the web. I found Sam Ovens' course. Basically consumed that course in a few weeks. During that process, what I did is I actually went through it once and absorbed all the information to make sure it's a good fit for me and my business model. Then I went through it a second time and meticulously did step by step detailed and started applying this to my consulting business. I've been two weeks out of the program. I've already closed one $3000.00 a month deal as well as one $5000.00 a month deal this week. Already seeing a lot of progress and obviously growth in my business. I just wanted to honestly recommend Sam Ovens' Coaching Accelerator Program. Helped me. So if you're into coaching and/or consulting, it's definitely worth the time and the effort to invest in your business. Thanks now. Take care.