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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: personal branding
  • Location: michigan, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

When Austin started out with Consulting Accelerator, he was learning from various mentors but learned a substantial amount during the process of going through the program. He is still going through and applying parts of the course and he is excited about growing his agency as big as he can.


Hello. My name is Austin Martin. I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I have went through Sam Oven's consulting program. Before I started, I was already taking courses through Thai Lopez and I learned a lot through both courses. The only problem was they are a little bit contradicting in terms of meeting face to face and going through mail and telephone calls. Through Thai Lopez's social media program, I definitely enjoyed the different speakers and learning different ways, more than just one exact way to do it which is how Sam Ovens taught. But, I learned a substantial amount that I didn't know through telemarketing and through mail process and lump email he calls it. I'm definitely glad I took the course. I still have a lot to apply in my own life and business and he teaches you a lot more than just business with the daily affirmations and just how to become a leader. I enjoyed all of that. I'm here now I do own my own business thanks to Sam Ovens and Thai Lopez. My best friend and I started a social media marketing agency and we actually have just begun. We have one customer right now and I plan on growing this as large as I can. Until next time.