5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Social Media
  • Location: Plano, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jerry has used the consulting accelerator to close his customer and a quicker rate and provide higher value services to his clients which has resulted in more referrals.


This is Jerry Curtis from Plano Texas and we started Sam's course June 2016. We already had a consulting group. Sam's course is very thorough. We had learned a lot of things through his course, through his material. Just the way he has it laid out from start to finish, it's very documented, there's no time in there when you're lost, you know to go from one phase to another. We were growing at a smaller pace, going through this it's helped us close our customers at a faster rate. The big thing is to give them better service and we have been able to give them better service and reports and rapport. We've been able to have better communication with our clients and we've had more referrals. I can't recommend this course highly enough to anyone that might be interested in taking Sam's course. Sam we appreciate it. Thank you.