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4 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Education
  • Location: Delhi, India
  • Consulting Accelerator

Rajat came into the program working as a network engineer and quit his job to pursue his own venture. He has been able to land clients and grow his business quickly.


Hello everyone. This is Rajeth Hanna from India and this is a testimonial for Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Training Program and it is ... so I'll give you my background. Before I started my digital marketing business, I was working as a engineer in St. Paul and I decided to quit my career earlier this year and start my own consulting business. The challenges I faced was with regards to the systems and programs that need to be in place and Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Training really helped me cut my learning curve and I was able to put the systems in place quite fast and all the pitfalls that I might not have seen otherwise and I ... the training has been really, really simple and straightforward and he puts you through bases so that you follow through the training and ... now I'm in talks with one of the SEO clients that would end up paying me about 2,000 USD a month and it couldn't have been possible without Sam Ovens training program and I highly recommend his program and I hope you find the same value in the program as I did. All the best.