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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: SEO Consulting
  • Location: Columbia, MD, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the Consulting Accelerator, Prasanna was doing some consulting on his own. After joining the Consulting Accelerator he has learned new methods to get clients consistently. He highly recommends the course.


Rasanda Guerrea from Colombia, Maryland. Before joining Sam's consulting exhalative program, I was already doing consulting work. I got my clients mainly from my previous job, I also worked for a large corporation. and when I went on my own, they referred some large clients to me. And I also used to go to a lot of networking events and got a few clients in that manner. But, I didn't have a good process to get new clients consistently. So, from Sam's program, what I learned is, first of all, how to target specific types of clients, and also have a methodical process. I used to send a in mail, and got several clients in this manner. Another thing that I learned from Sam's course, is the importance of training your mind. It's not part of the tactics that makes us successful, but also having a proper mindset. So, now, I feel confidant in my ability to continue as a consultant, of having a good methodical approach, and I highly recommend Sam's program to anyone who wants to get into consulting, or wants to expand their consulting business. Because, Sam is also constantly evolving and coming up with better ways of how to do consulting. He is sharing all of his findings with us, and he works with a lot of consultants in terms of coaching them. So, he gives access to a lot of information, and also he's counting for success. So, if you're thinking about consulting, I highly recommend Sam's courses.