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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Small business digital marketing
  • Location: Victoria, Bendigo , Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

James is using the program to start transitioning away from his full-time job and growing his consulting business. He has a goal of achieving this in the coming months.


Good day, guys. James Davis here, from Bendigo in Victoria, Australia, and I'm just recording this quick video as a bit of a testimonial for the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Course. I signed up to the course just because I was sick of my day job, and I was really looking for a way out, but I didn't want to get into the whole network marketing and multi-level marketing because I didn't really believe in it. I wanted to actually, you know, provide value for my customers, and I saw his ad come up a few times on Facebook, and then him and Tai Lopez sort of did a bit of a presentation one night. I sort of checked that out. I highly value Tai Lopez's opinion, so I signed up for the course. You know, jumped in head first. So, I started at the start of this year, so about seven months ago now. At the start of the year I was a mechanic, you know, earning about 50 grand a year. Now I've got a secondary business, so I am still working full time, but I have a secondary business in web design and digital marketing that's really sort of accelerated, I suppose my life in a way, that I can afford to give my family the things that I have always wanted to give them. That's purely ... The course gave me the basic outlines of what I need to do, but the mindset training in the course is what really set me off. So, if you are at all on the fence, and you were in my position, you know, I was working full time. Now I have sort of scaled back a little bit, and I can just focus more on my business. By this time next year I will hopefully be, you know, up and running, and just doing my own thing. So, if you are at all on the fence, jump straight into it. I cannot recommend it enough. This course will get you to where you need to be, and if it doesn't, then you probably weren't going to get there in the first place. Take it easy, guys. Good luck!