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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Lynn , United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Sokha had been in other courses where he felt their were pieces left out. He found Sam's program to be full stack and included everything he needed and granular step by step strategies. He recommends other join the program and change their life.


Hey, how you doing? This is Soca Chan from Boston Massachusetts. And I just want to shoot a quick video testimonial about how my experience has been working with Sam Oven and his Consulting Accelerator Program. Now, prior to his program, I've been exposed to the online marketing industry for quite some time. And from the previous programs I was involved with, I did gain some knowledge, applied it to my knowledge and did develop some skill. But I still felt like there was things missing. Like I needed to learn how to put certain things together, like how to have a proper client acquisition process and to get better at closing sales. It wasn't until like a marketer mentioned Sam Ovens, is when I heard about him. I checked out his free content and saw an hour long ad. I've never seen an hour long ad before, about when he was talking about sales. It was so good that I decided to get involved in his program. When I got involved in his program, not only did he provide the answers I was looking for, like I wanted to better advance my marketing skills, how to better close sales, how to understand the psychology of sales and a proper acquisition process, but he also taught the fundamentals of business. So I felt like I gained a lot of clarity where there was like a step by step, concrete plan laid out for me, where I was able to put all this together and make it all work for me. So if you're watching this video and you're either in business for yourself or thinking about getting in business. I recommend you get involved with Sam Ovens' Program. Because I know, I know, I know you would definitely benefit from it. So get his program now and forever change your life.