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  • Location: Lehigh Acres, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Matt was looking for success. He joined Consulting Accelerator and has started landing paying clients, finally making breakthroughs in business. He recommends the program to anybody looking to find success in business.


Matt Steel here from Fort Myers, Florida. I'm just recording a quick video to let you know a little bit about Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator Program. I joined a little over five months ago. Before that, I tried a number of business opportunities. I've always been very entrepreneurial. I just couldn't seem to make it work, couldn't seem to get the success that I was looking for, so ended up having to do a lot of part-time jobs, 9:00 to 5:00 hourly work. I bartended for a while. I just wasn't satisfied. I wasn't happy. I wasn't thrilled that I wasn't getting the success that I was looking for, so I saw Sam Ovens program and I decided why not give it a shot. I had tried other ones before and not really made it all the way through, but something told me to just try this one. He's got different modules broken down on how to start your own consulting business. I found it was pretty tough to work through, especially some of the mindset stuff, but I found that to be actually the most important part of it. I realized going through his program that that's really where I failed before. That's really why I didn't have the follow through to finish any of those other business ventures or programs that I tried to achieve the success that you see other people, other testimonials, other people achieving that success, and I hadn't been there. Through Sam Ovens program, through the Consulting Accelerator and that mindset training I really got into the focus to follow through and to finish, to actually get through the program. It was the first time that I did it. Now I've got a few clients. I'm actually making money. I actually have the flexibility in my schedule, as you see right now. I'm hanging out at the park. I just did my workout and yeah, I'd recommend this to anybody that wants to be successful in business and have something work for them.