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  • Location: Austin, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Trevor has used the the Consulting Accelerator to start his own successful consulting business. He has seen massive value form the program and is excited to use the teachings to provide the life he wants for his family.


Could not believe how amazing Sam's program was when I first started. Let me back up. My name is Trevor Goodchild. I'm in Austin, Texas, live music capital. Right? I work at Facebook. Or, I have worked there, but I'm quitting after a year, because I'm now going full time with my own business that I've started thanks to Sam's program. Let me back up a little bit. I spent most of my life going through cycles of poverty. My dad's a construction worker and we basically had to make hard decisions like, "Do you want the lights on this month son? Or do you want me to pay rent?" That's kind of my background. I've never studied advertising in college. In fact, my degree was in geography at the University of Texas. Due to a car accident, some other stuff that happened, I ended up actually failing out of UT. I never got my degree, so I'm not the most likely candidate to be a successful business owner. Yet, next month I have a new client for 1500. I have another client that I've already made 3,000 dollars with and I'm actually funding a trip to Hawaii with my son this summer, with money I've made with my consulting business, so ... Things are amazing. I had tried to get my feet wet with advertising or digital marketing basically. I was doing some blogging, writing some listicles for a nutritional website. I was pulling in maybe a couple of hundred bucks a month, but it really wasn't much to speak of. One day I saw an ad for Sam's program on my Facebook feed. I clicked on it and subscribed for a webinar. The day came around and I almost didn't watch it. I'm so glad I did. Right? Because, this is amazing. I watched it and I heard about Sam's hard knock life, experiences with college and how he's a millionaire now and I'm like, "Wait. Ding, ding, ding. This is me." A real huge alarm bell went off in my head and said, "This is the moment." Carpe Diem right? Whatever it takes. I signed up for the program. I didn't even have the money to purchase it. I had to go on this monthly payment plan, but I've long since made the money back. Everything is gravy for that. There's also some really cool details about it. You get to learn about marketing. You get to learn from people that have already made six to seven figure salaries with their own consulting businesses, cause they're part of the secret Facebook group you get to be a member of when you join the consulting community. That's invaluable. Learning things like, not to charge, based on an hourly wage, but charge on the value of the services I provide. It changed the name of the game for my business completely. I'm so grateful that I've done this. I mean, once I scale my business up, this'll be how I pay for my son's college education. You know, I do love my job. No question about it. Who wouldn't love working at Facebook? The thing is, I don't like waking up at 5am in the morning. I don't like being chained to the rat race, to the nine to five. I don't like not having enough money to give my son the life that he deserves. I mean, if you ask me what I think about Sam's consulting program ... If you ask me what I think about it, I say, "The revolution is here." I say, " This is your key to freedom, for financial independence." If you want that. If you want to achieve your dreams. If you don't want to keep running in the hamster wheel of the daily grind, I would really, strongly suggest you check out Sam's program. Thanks.