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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Outdoor Online Marketplace
  • Location: Chatfield MN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Kimberly and her husband have worked through the program and made over 6-figures as they are planning on scaling things up moving forward.


Hi folks. My name is Geoff Heppding and this is my beautiful and fantastic wife Kimberly Murphy Heppding and we're here to talk to you a little bit about the Sams program, Sam Ovens program, excuse me, that we've been to and now have implemented into our company. I'd like to talk a little bit about what life was like before the Sam Ovens program and quite frankly been in sales and marketing in the sector business that we're in for a most of my life and fairly successful at it and in today's world when we were starting our marketplace in this venture, we found it was very very difficult today to get through all the noise that clients, potential clients are receiving and actually be heard. Matter of fact, it was going in the wrong direction. We couldn't get through. So Kimberly started looking for a solution online and she ran into the Sam Ovens program and got very very adamant that this was the program that would change the course for our company. Kimberly: And it did. Geoff: Right. And I quite frankly bucked it a little bit and then she got me to sit down and watch the introduction to it. One of Sam Ovens' videos and kind of got hooked there and she just decided on the moment that we were going to spend the money. I'm like, "It's a lot of money." But then you have to get into the rest of it when we talk about the money. We got the program. We got started and of course my ego got in the way and I thought I could just brush over the high points and just maybe learn a little bit and keep moving. What I found out very quickly was it was a detailed program and Kimberly was the one that got me to slow down, go back to the beginning, said, "We're going to do this step by step." So we did it step by step and it was the best thing that ever happened. Today, and I thought it was going to be expensive, our first client more than paid for what the program cost us and now today we're gaining, picking up about 10 clients a week. Very effective. You got to follow the program. When he talks about know your clients, figure out avatars, give them names, classes, absolutely. Then you got to build a customer list. This is just an outline. You have to do the work. You can't be afraid to do the work. Follow the outline. We grew our company potential client list to about 3000 people and now we email them specifically the way we were taught in the program week in and week out and that's what cut through the noise and started getting us actual paying clients. I would recommend this program to anybody that needs clients as part of their business. Kimberly: Me too. It was great. Geoff: Thank you. Kimberly: Thank you.