5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Boulder, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the program Conner was a regular college student. Since joining the Consulting Accelerator program he has been able to start his own business and is now going to classes and running his consulting business.


Hi my name is C. Zmith. I'm from Colorado and the consulting accelerator program had completely changed my life. It's done amazing things for my life. Before I started the program I was a college student. I'm still a college student now but I'm also running a consulting business on the side. I plan on doing it full-time after I graduate. Sam and his program have given me a livelihood, essentially. One of the biggest concerns I had going into the program, was will I be able to find a niche? Will I really be able to find a skill that a client is willing to pay 1000 or more dollars an hour for? Would someone pay for my mentorship? And the answer is absolutely yes. Absolutely yeah they will, if you know what to do. Sam knows exactly what to do and he tells you step by step. So what I did, I went into digital consulting, or digital advertising and social media presence for small businesses. It's what I do now for consulting. By the time I got to the third week of the program I had two clients locally, and what I do is I help them get their products out there and get their name out there. That's the work I do now and I had zero experience getting clients, zero experience with digital advertising and social media presence kind of stuff. No experience at all and Sam taught me everything on that. So now I'm here today as a testament to the success of the program. I would really encourage anyone who's interested in working for themselves or wanting to build a life for themselves, or really any entrepreneur, to take the leap and pull the trigger because you will pay for the program several times over if you go though it. There's really nothing to lose, so thank you very much.