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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Marketing
  • Location: Suwanee, GA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before going through Consulting Accelerator, Charles was enjoying what he was doing in life, but wanted more of an opportunity for growth. He jumped in, committed and started landing clients. During his outreach, he came in contact with a business on the way to do $1 billion. He encourages others to hop on board the program.


Hey guys, Charles Blackhurst here, coming to you from Atlanta, Georgia. So, I'll just get right to it. Life before I found Sam Ovens, life was pretty good quite frankly. I'm the director of operations for a national drying equipment company, working with some pretty good folks. Getting a chance to go into some pretty cool markets and learn a ton in the process but unfortunately there really is no opportunity for growth. So, fast forward, poking around one night and I run into Sam Ovens and his program. Do a little bit more homework into it and decide you know what, I'm ready for some change and I'm ready to take a leap of faith. So, I commit. I get involved with the program, I go through, I do the steps. I go through the process. I'm reaching out and making some great relationships, contacts with new people. I run across an opportunity, well this opportunity happens to be a company that is building a billion dollar brand. So I can honestly say, I would have never had this opportunity had I not come across Sam and his process and his product and his people. So what I'm going to recommend to you today, is to step up, if you're looking to make change in your life, if you're unhappy with where you're at and you want change and you want somebody that's going to walk you through everything and get you results, then absolutely, absolutely get involved with this program and change your life forever.