5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: online marketing
  • Location: New Hope, PA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Peter is just beginning in the program and has learnt a lot in regards to acquiring clients and the best methods for selling in consulting. He is looking forward to expanding his knowledge and getting great results within the program.


Hello, good afternoon. My name is Peter . I'm from Pennsylvania and I'm going to share my experience so far with Sam Ovens' Consulting. I have not completed the training yet. I've gotten through the first week of modules and I need to identify my exact niche and move that forward. I have some training and background in marketing, in digital marketing, and I am going to focus on that as my niche and I am going to apply all the principles that are taught in this system as to how to do that. I learned a lot, as I said, so far in that first week about the reason why people do hire consultants and the fact that they do want a proven system from somebody that's already been there and done that and that can take them to where they are, their current situation to their desired situation, in the fastest possible way. Okay. Also, learned about what not to do to fail and the important ingredients to focus on, okay, to actually be successful. Those three important ingredients and ultimately to get those sales from strategy sessions. I look forward to getting started and I hopefully will have an excellent testimony to share. Thank you.