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  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: PPC
  • Location: Edmonton , Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Taylor spent 20-30k on courses to help his business with no success. After joining Sams course the member was able to book his first client in 60 days for 4k a month. He had spent years on other courses and has not had a fraction of the success.


Hey, my name's Taylor and I'm from Edmonton, Alberta. I'm making this quick video to talk about the Sam Oven's consulting course. It's probably ... I've spent close to $30,000 on courses online now. But before I got into the Sam Oven's course, I was working part time in construction. I hated that, I wanted to start making some money online and have the freedom to be able to travel wherever I wanted in the world and be able to just do that and have the freedom to not work for anybody and work on my own. So I got into the course because Ty Lopez recommended it. Ty Lopez is another one of my mentors and so I got in, I had like $800, I couldn't even afford the course. I emailed Sam personally, I said, "Hey, can you get me on a ten month plan, $400 a month?" He gave me the opportunity. I still have the email to this day. I told him, "Look, I'm gonna be your number one student. I'm gonna make this thing work. I'm gonna crush it, I promise." And within the first 60 days, I signed my first client for $4,000 a month. It was seriously an amazing feeling. It was pretty crazy to be able to go through that and see how much money I just made. Signing one client when I spent years on other courses trying to figure out how to make money online. So, I can definitely tell you that my life has significantly improved and I'm making a lot more money now than I was before. I won't get into exact numbers, but it's a lot more than just that one client ... what that one client was paying me. So, it's definitely a course that I recommend to anybody. But if you get in, I don't recommend that you get in and think that it's going to be some cakewalk. It's not. It took me 60 days. Now some people might say, "Two months, that's it?! For $4,000 a month, that's crazy, I'd do that." Well, I worked like 10 hours a day during that whole period. It was like 10 hours a day, every single day, for like 60 days. It was like this pure hustle. And you really have to put in the work. You gotta grind and you gotta do everything Sam says and you gotta take it to the nth degree. And, you gotta be active in the community and all that stuff. But, anyways, again, my name's Taylor . I can highly, highly, highly recommend this course and it's probably the least that I could do for Sam, is just make this video. So again, I appreciate that and I hope you definitely get into the course. If you do, send a message my way on Facebook. I'd love to hear your experience of going through it and when your life changes. I think it's seriously something that you're gonna have a crazy paradigm shift and change in your life if you actually take it seriously. So, thanks again and thanks again Sam, I really appreciate everything you've done, man.