5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Social Media
  • Location: London, Leicester, Birmingham, England
  • Consulting Accelerator

I am looking to follow Sam’s steps, step by step via the bonus material. As a beginner I feel it best to follow the blue print and to specialize later on.


Hi. My name's Myassar. I'm from London. Since doing Sam's program, I've learned a lot about my chosen fields. Getting to know different people and different strategies has really helped me in this business endeavor. It's also afforded me a lot more financial freedom, and it's given me a lot more choice in my life that I've been able to take a lot more opportunities and doors have opened up for me. The brilliant thing, among many things, in Sam's program is that he develops every aspect that you didn't really imagine that would be developed, I.e., personal self-development, character building, et cetera. It's really, really, really great. I would recommend it to anyone. That's why I endorse this program. Thanks a lot to Sam and his team, and continue with the great work. Thanks.