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  • Level: 7 Figures
  • Niche: Podiatrists
  • Location: Waterford, CT, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

After having established his business, Jimmy was feeling stuck in one place and unable to scale things to that next level. Since working with Sam, Jimmy's business has taken off and is servicing many more clients.


Hey Jimmy Nicholas here. I'm the owner and founder of Jimmy Marketing. At Jimmy Marketing we help doctors, small business owners, and entrepreneurs automatically attract more new patients, more new customers or more new clients. We do this mainly through digital marketing. Since 1997, I've been in the marketing business. When I was 15 years old, I sold my first website, and as a result of selling that website I learned about web hosting. So all through high school, all though college I built the web hosting business, and as I graduated had more time on my hands, so started building a team. Offering marketing services, websites, fast forward about 10 years later, and we got stuck. We became about a half a million dollar company, I was stuck at that level for about three years, and it wasn't as a lack of desire or effort in growing. We're successful, but I was doing so much more work then I needed to, and just couldn't seem to get through that ceiling. So I started with Sam, and in terms of working with Sam we got to discover specific strategies that were working for him. And it has been a tremendous asset for us in terms of being able to help our clients, and as a result as you help your clients more, you grow exponentially. So it really has helped us in so many ways, and working with Sam discovered a lot. As we started looking at what Sam was doing, and then implementing some of those things in our own business, we've done more business in the last seven months then the previous 13 months combined. The results speak for themselves. By modeling success, a lot of great mentors talk about modeling success, and doing what they're doing and then your success will come, and that's what we've done here. We've modeled what worked, and figured out the best solution that really works for Jimmy Marketing, and our clients. As a result, the results have been off the charts. To get to wherever you want to go, you really should leverage what over people have done, and what's working for them, and that's exactly what we did when we decided to start working with Sam . So I got to tell you, life right now is absolutely amazing. To get to where we are today, and I've been working at this for so many years and put in all that time and energy and struggle, and then we started working with Sam and we have all this success within less than 12 months. We've literally have doubled our business. It is very exciting to be working on things where I can make a decision and see exponential growth in the company, because I've got systems in place and people in place that can execute that plan, and they can do it a lot faster then it was just one person or a handful of people. We didn't have that opportunity to bring in other people when we were half a million dollar company. Now we had a team, but it was a small team. You need revenue. The lifeblood of your business is the sale, and working with Sam helped us close more sales, and has really enabled us to serve more people, and help more of our clients attract more new patients, and more new customers. By implementing the strategies that we're learning from Sam into their own business, and into their own practice. In terms of life now, it's just so exciting. It has been a great experience in working with Sam, and the people within the Sam community. Where we're headed is exponential growth, and it's amazing. So changes are if you're watching this video you might be thinking to yourself, "I wonder if I should work with Sam ." And what I would tell you to that is go with your gut. You have nothing to lose, but time. And I look back to where I was 1997, 15 years old just starting out, I can't imagine where I would be if I had this information when I was starting my business. Or a couple years into my business. You're watching this video at a point where you can make that decisions, and you don't have to wait three years. You can take advantage of this right now. You really have nothing to lose, but your time by not taking action here, and moving forward. So go with your gut, and I look forward to seeing you in the community.