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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Information Marketing
  • Location: Hua Hin, Prachuap Kirikhan, Thailand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Paul had been feeling burnt out and found there were not enough hours in the day to grow his business. He has been very pleased with the program and definitely sees the immense amount of value coming from a background in consulting. He encourages others to not hesitate and join the program.


Hi. My name is . I'm originally from Belgium, working 28 countries, but currently residing in Thailand, where I'm half in retirement. I was an authority on strategic marketing for the automotive business, and been a consultant almost all my life, or all my career at least. I thought I knew a lot about the business. Obviously, I was working for big consulting companies as a consultant, who hired me out to the automotive industry. Then, I decided at a certain point to start to work on my own. But, still, when I was working on my own, the contractors always wanted to work with me exclusively, so it was quite difficult to expand business, and to sell more hours than I could work, which resulted to burn out. That's why I came to Thailand to take some rest. Then I came across Sam Oven's course. It's just an amazing course. If I would have knew the stuff that he's teaching in this course, I could have probably done a totally different build up of my business as a consultant, or consulting company, more up sizing. So, I'm really so happy with this course. Actually, the first phase of the course, I don't know how much some will actually offer in this new upgrade that consulting accelerator course. Actually the first phase of the course is worth the money you will pay for it. It blew my mind and it will blow your mind too. If you are a consultant, or coach, and thinking about, maybe breaking away from your company, and starting on your own, you will need this course. If you are someone who has knowledge, that you think you can insert in ways consultant people without coach people with, please don't hesitate. If you have the money, invest in the package from Sam. It's an amazing course. It will pay, not only 10 times, it will pay you 100 times back, what you will invest in the course. Obviously, you have to do the work. Sam is very smart in the way he set things up. He makes you work. He makes you think. Don't just go over the course and think it will be automatically ... It's not like that, but it's just ... You will be far better off with the course, than when you go your own. I'm 40 years in the business as a consultant, so I can say from my heart, if you have the money, no hesitation. Invest in the course. You will be happy, and you can thank me later. I wish you lots of success. Bye bye.