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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Matteson, IL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Prior to the course the member was a computer programmer and had a long successful career. She joined the course because it was a great merger from her existing skills and a new venture. She says it covers all you need to know and the Facebook group is super helpful.


Hi, I'm Linda Lee, outside my Chicago suburban house. I've had a very rewarding career as a computer programmer. My retirement is set where I'll earn more cashflow than most make in a year. So why would I buy a consulting course when I can't work on it full-time until my programming gig ends in a few months? I've long had an interest in direct marketing. A digital marketing consulting business is a great merger between my skills, interests, and demand. I took a few lessons when I learned of version two, so I stopped. The future lessons looked equally as good as the ones I took. I recommend this because it covers all you need to know. The private Facebook group is also useful. I've tried to be helpful when I could get on there. For instance, someone asked when were the coaching calls. Someone posted that they were Monday and Thursdays. I said they were Monday and Fridays. The replier thanked me and fixed her post. I tried to be equally helpful when Sam extolled the virtues of the Meyers-Briggs personality test. I cited research and experts that said it was a bad test, and they cited three better ones. I did not have time to follow the end of the conversation, so worried Sam would kick me out because I disagreed with him, I'm glad to say he did not because it is a valuable resource. I look forward to taking all the lessons in version two and working on my business full-time when my current projects end. Bye-bye.