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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: SEO
  • Location: Memphis, TN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the Consulting Accelerator, Shane did not have a systematic way to generate leads. Since joining he has learned much more than just lead generation from sales, to mindset, and has started to grow his consulting business.


Hey, this is Shane from Memphis, Tennessee. Before the program I didn't have a system in place to really get targeted leads, or at least that's what I thought that I needed, but once I started going through the accelerator, I not only started to find out how to create a system in place to just generate leads passively, but there's so many other things put into it, like how to do sales call, how to change your mindset, and change your life. It's small steps but every step each day builds on each other, and this program kind of helps walk you through that. That's kind of what it was like going through the course. There was a lot of material to digest, but it's so much material that you really don't need anything else other than that in terms of growing your business. All it really takes is just the discipline to execute on the steps and know that there's no secret magic trick, it's just really implementing what needs to be done and repeating that over and over, and filling up your calendar with appointments, closed deals, and grow your business. After working the program, I got my system in place, I started getting some clients, and now it's been consistent, looking to grow, and what probably affected me the most though was going through the sales training portion and going through the mindset training, because I thought it was ... I could only be motivated so far through financially, so this mindset training helped me take myself past that and understand how to want more, how to get more, and change my mindset to do that, to achieve more. I really recommend it for anybody that's wanting to grow their business and committed to do whatever it takes. You're not going to succeed unless you take action. No training course can do that for you, but if you are one, willing to take action then all you need is the map and this is the map. I definitely recommend it for anyone that wants to grow and do that.